February 19, 2009 at 7:15 pm (Movies)

Alien 5.

Heard it might be done. Hope it doesn’t suck like Alien Resurrection did. Or like Alien 3. I thought the 3rd movie was kind of stupid. Probably because of the ending. And the girl she saved in the 2nd movie dying along with robot man was stupid too.

I didn’t like AVPR either. Thought it was stupid. The ending was overkill. What the hell. They could have saved shit before blowing shit up. The first AVP was alright. And what happened to that girl in it? She pretty much vanished from existence in the 2nd movie. But then the 2nd movie was released about 4 years after the 1st.

Guess the actor was all like “No fuck you. I’m not playing in that movie.”

Or she just was doing something else. Or she died. who knows.



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