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February 20, 2009 at 7:13 pm (Uncategorized)

I need to find a way to spread the knowledge of my blog, because it’s boring, knowing how few people probably read it. Or if anyone does read it xD

In the mean time I’m working on a story. It’s gonna suck, I’m in 9th grade, And I don’t really have a degree in writing. Well I haven’t written much, guess I’ll put it up somewhere when I’m done.

Anyway, it’s set in an futuristic apocalyptic world, The world is barley recovering from World War III which took place nearly a century ago. Many people live in huge Utopian cities, but only people who can qualify for the cities line of rules are let in, so a majority of humanity lives outside of these cities, in normal cities they built themselves, and live with the wasteland.

The story takes place where Chicago once was, and it revolves around a guy named Martin, who is sent on a mission by an alien pop star, whom needs him to recover something that lets her survive on earth from her planet and Martin needs to hijack a Space Jet to do that. She forgot this important item when she left for earth, and changed her motives, which were originally to monitor earth and return to her planet, but she instead became a singer, and stayed.

That’s baisicly what the plot is made of. I don’t wanna reveal much o_o so that’s why it’s brief…and undescriptive.

I’ve got another idea for a comic I plan to make when I stop sucking at drawing. I also know nothing along the lines of creating detailed comics, I know some about writing half-assed manga, which is the only thing that ends up from me, unlike those awesome authors º3º So it’s probably going to be a century before I touch that idea. It seems like a pretty cool idea. But I’m not telling anyone it.


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